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About Us

At SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies, we believe in the power of precision and the critical nature of reliability. Our mission is rooted in the need for impeccable performance — because we understand that in the industries we serve, there is no room for error. Our dedication to creating infallible machines stems from a deep understanding of our clients' operational necessities, especially for those whose operations hinge on the seamless functioning of every component.

Proudly Serving the Southeast

704 - 709 - 9070

3593 Denver Drive #964
Denver, NC 28037

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
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Our Process

Our commitment to consistency is reflected in our dedication to delivering fail-proof solutions. We understand the critical nature of the industries we serve, which is why we implement the below processes and attributes to all of our projects.


Senior Engineers Specializing in Early Detection of Critical Issues

Our team of senior engineers excels in identifying potential challenges at the outset of a project. Their extensive experience allows them to pinpoint and address intricate details that could impact project success. This proactive approach is crucial in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of our integrated systems.


Implementing Swift Prototyping for Guaranteed Reliability

Our approach to rapid prototype testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring fail-proof outcomes. By swiftly developing and rigorously testing prototypes, we can identify and rectify potential issues early in the process. This not only accelerates development but also enhances the reliability and effectiveness of the final solution, guaranteeing its performance in demanding environments.


Advanced Computer Modeling & Rigorous Testing for Optimal Performance

Our strategy involves advanced computer simulations and thorough testing to enhance system performance and resilience. This method allows us to fine-tune every aspect of our solutions, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the required standards. By rigorously evaluating and optimizing our systems, we deliver solutions that are robust, efficient, and fail-proof.

Meet the Founder

Rob Seymour

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Rob Seymour's engineering career, marked by a progression from hands-on technical roles to engineering management and operations leadership, laid the foundation for founding SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies. His experience encompasses the full spectrum of project development, from conceptual brainstorming and prototype builds to instrumented testing, data validation, and design analysis.


Rob holds a Master’s in Advanced Technology and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Technology, supplemented with certifications and continuous education in engineering, quality, methodologies, project management, and leadership.

Engineer Working on Machinery
“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

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