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Computer Circuit Board

Electronics Assembly

Our team excels in automating the assembly of small, intricate components, ensuring accuracy with feedback verification and camera inspection. Our services providing comprehensive after-sales support, including efficient on-site and remote assistance.

Our Capabilities

We are equipped with a range of capabilities for aerospace and defense applications, and our process is designed to ensure failproof systems are delivered quickly and effectively.

Expertise in Small Component Assembly

Our specialization lies in assembling very small components that demand precision and feedback verification. We utilize advanced techniques like force and pneumatic feedback, along with camera inspections and vision orientation.

Customized Automation Solutions

Our expertise extends to critical areas of the manufacturing process, including feeding, fastening, dispensing, inspection, data logging, and trend analysis, ensuring that your projects benefit from a full range of services tailored to your needs.

Prototyping and In-House Manufacturing

We have a range of rapid prototype machines, including plastic and metal printers for additive manufacturing, a vertical mill, a lathe, and more. This in-house capability extends to areas like project management, design, manufacturing, testing, and production.

Quality Assurance Every Step of the Way

Quality remains our top priority. Our in-house capabilities enable rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process. From design to production, we maintain high accuracy and quality standards.

If you’d like more information about our scope of services, get in touch today.

Computer Circuit Board

Electronics Automation & Assembly Applications

A few examples of manufacturing processes that we've automated


High-Precision Component Placement

High-Precision Component Placement systems use advanced robotics to accurately place and solder minute components onto PCBs. This automation is crucial for the mass production of electronic devices, ensuring each circuit board meets the exacting specifications required for functionality and reliability.


Robotic Soldering and Welding


Automated Optical Inspection for PCBs

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for PCBs employs sophisticated imaging systems to inspect electronic boards for defects. This process detects issues like missing components, misalignment, and soldering faults, which is vital in maintaining high-quality standards in electronics manufacturing.


Precision Electronics Testing & Calibration

Robotic Soldering and Welding automation provides consistent, high-quality joints crucial for the integrity of electronic devices. These systems can perform delicate soldering tasks on intricate circuit boards with a level of precision and speed unattainable by manual processes.

Precision Electronics Testing and Calibration automation uses robotic systems to perform functional tests on electronic components and devices. This ensures that all products perform to their designed specifications before being shipped to customers, enhancing reliability and trust in the manufactured electronics.

Looking for a different process to be automated? These are just a few examples - our team automates custom processes all the time.  Get in touch and learn how we can help you!

After-Sales Support: 
Ensuring Operational Continuity

Seymour Advanced Technology delivers reliable automated solutions for electronics assembly, supported by fast after-sales service. Our on-site support across the US Southeast responds quickly to minimize downtime, with our team reachable within a day. For immediate concerns, our remote support system swiftly diagnoses and resolves issues, leveraging advanced monitoring tailored to electronics manufacturing, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and productive.. 

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Solution Spotlight: Modular Automation Cells

Implement the adaptability and efficiency necessary for dynamic production needs, ensuring precision and quick return on investment.

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