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Our Past Projects

Ocular Needle Assembly


The SEYMOUR TRI-21 is a robotic semi-autonomous machine, which assembles microneedles used in ocular surgery 400% faster than previously. Designed for tight spaces in a cleanroom, and featuring three Meca500 six-axis robotic arms, it can insert 25 mm long rods into a hollow cylinder with only 60 micrometers of clearance. 

FlexSEY Automated Loader

The precision loader system developed for a biomedical device manufacturer significantly enhanced production efficiency by automating the handling of small parts with micron-level accuracy. This solution replaced outdated machinery, virtually eliminated downtime due to manual errors, and streamlined their manufacturing process.

Aerie Loader
Sealer Project

FlexSEY Automated Sealer

Details coming soon

Uflex Feeder

Details coming soon


Fuzion Feeder

Details coming soon

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