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Our Approach to Consistent Success


Experienced Personnel

Senior personnel on staff to ensure problematic details are discovered early


Rapid Development

Quick turnaround time with functional prototypes in hand in as fast a 2 hours


Computer Modeling & Testing

Advanced simulations and rigorous trials to optimize system performance and resilience.

Industries We Help Thrive

We cater to industries demanding high precision and accuracy, where tight tolerances are crucial, and the 'hit it harder' approach is obsolete. Our focus is on crafting small, fast-moving systems with precise tracing and trackability for seamless operation.

Electronics & Assembly

We specialize in precise, high-speed robotic systems that optimize PCB handling, component placement, and intricate soldering tasks.

Electronic Circuit Board Image
Image by SpaceX

Aerospace and Defense

Our expertise in advanced robotics and system integration enhances precision, boosts production rates, and ensures stringent compliance with industry standards.

Medical & Life Sciences

We provide solutions that support the critical demands of the life sciences industry, focusing on accuracy, traceability, and compliance.

Lab Automation Image
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Solution Spotlight: FlexSEY Modular Automation Cells

Implement the adaptability and efficiency necessary for dynamic production needs, ensuring precision and quick return on investment.

Our Industry Partners

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“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

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