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Metal 3D printing

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Our Latest Success Stories

Discover how SEYMOUR Advanced Technologies is advancing manufacturing efficiency with precision automation solutions.

Robotic Assembly in Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Challenge: Automate the assembly of microneedles with extreme precision and sterility.

  • Solution: A semi-autonomous machine with three 6-axis robots, increasing productivity by 400% while maintaining high precision and sterility.


Precision Loader System for Medical Devices
  • Challenge: Replace an outdated loader system to improve component assembly precision and operational efficiency.

  • Solution: Designed a precision loader system with micron-level accuracy, incorporating advanced robotics and adaptive control software.


Automated Sealing System for Medical Device Packaging
  • Challenge: Transform a manual sealing process into an efficient, autonomous system.

  • Solution: Developed an automated sealing system with high-precision robotics and a levitating conveyor system, ensuring consistent tray separation and sealing.

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